Feb 11, 2015

Big Bad Battleships

The second and third pre-dreadnought battleships enter service, the Jackewlinese JRS Rhealla, founder of her class, and the Veudeni Alh'Tid. The Rhealla was actually where it all started as she's modelled after a Russian battleship and proportions etc. come from these original plans. 

The Veudeni ship will no doubt be the tallest as the hull is made from 2x8mm pieces instead of 6+8mm.

Very smooth curves. The Veudeni ships have a more prominent bow (except the cruisers) to keep further distinction besides the hull color.

The Rhealla has a three-piece hull, a 6mm base, a 8mm piece for the gundeck and a 2mm plasticard piece to even out the aft. 

Some WIP shots: the two hull pieces being worked on. I used a three-phase sanding again and you can see how smooth the wood became.

A close-up on the now reduced bits pile and my trusty hobby knife.

Superstructure receiving a shade, I figured it brings out the white later and the junction of the deck and the other pieces looks better. The whites are the usual VGC Wolf Grey base - VMC White highlight, the deck color is mixed from all sorts and the hull is a dark green/grey/blue.
The whole thing receives a second layer of each color, starting with the deck, then the whites, the blacks on the smokestacks, windows and vents, and finally the hull and when it's dry the gun ports with a brighter grey.

Rhealla's hull glued together after the 3rd sanding to receive an overall coat of PVA.


  1. Yep: these navies are coming along very nicely! Simple, but convincing designs, and full of character.

  2. Nicely modeled. You are building a fine looking collection.

  3. Well done, Andras ! You've captured the look quite nicely.


  4. Well done! :) I personally like the Russian Ship colors from 1904-5, with the crazy gold and black funnels. Was very unpractical, but on the models can look very good, and easy to see.

    1. Thank you, I've only used a few reference photos, one of the liberties of creating ImagiNation navies :)

  5. It took me a while to understand that you made those ships yourself. I thought they were commercially produced. I'm very impressed, sir. Lovely work.