Oct 3, 2014

TYW Cavalry

The first photoshooting went badly so I rearranged these and photographed again. 25 Revell riders and 2 Croats sculpted by me. Most of the painting had been done before, I just had to highlight the riders, varnish and base them. 

Standard painting: white undercoat, umber glaze on the horses; black undercoat, block-glaze-highlight on the men - plus some sepia wash added to the buff coats and faces.

I have divided them to three groups - when the reinforcements come, this may change.

Six cuirassiers in black armor.

And the two Croats.

 They look good massed together.

Close-ups on some figs.

The spray varnish went sh1t again, despite doing everything that worked the last time. It dried shiny and grainy, but it gave the paint some protection; I went over it with a proper matte finish and everything was OK again... However, the situation became worse with the foot figures I painted the same time and I really hope that a second layer of varnish (Revell enamel this time) will make everything right again.

The barrels and gabions were part of the Revell ACW Pioneers set but they are useful for basically everything. They are based on plasticard strips. I also rebased the hedges you can see around the cavalry, first of all the plasticard doesn't bend and with the points cut off in 45° the hedges can be angled. I still have to find 2 of the 10x10cm pieces.

This weekend I'll start the first playtest of the 'Sharp Practice for 17th century' rules. The Hungarian version is complete, but for obvious copyright reasons I will not share it. What the public (and English) version will contain is only the modifications added to SP.
Next weekend it's most likely the same with Victory Without Quarter. I have a long-winded post coming up that was inspired by tailoring the rules of SP, and then the AAR of the 6mm Maurice battle.


  1. These look good, I like the movement you have managed to get in the figures

    Shame about the varnish, only picking up primer instead of varnish bu you recovered it


    1. Thank you; it's more trouble than help so I might just use it for buildings later.

  2. They look awesome! Especially croats.

  3. Hola
    Buenas escenas de caballería
    un saludo