Oct 1, 2014

October Wish List

Despite receiving a load of money, this month will hopefully be on the low end of spendings. I have just spent an insane amount on 6mm figures, two dozen Vallejo bottles, spray primer, varnish, PVA and plasticard... and stuff. A great budget cut is needed... also consider that I have about six hundred figures unpainted, and the fact that I have finished 300+ the previous week didn't help at all!

So the shopping list goes like:
1/72 TYW/ECW stuff, mostly cavalry: the Mars rebox of the Revell riders, and finally the Waterloo Roundheads; some Mars Scots, probably Zvezda Cossacks
Styrofoam for terrain
Fudge dice to play FATE
Books I will not read for a long while
Books I must read but detest them

I'm at the moment preparing for the Maurice game on Friday. The last thing I have to do is a large styrofoam hill - I'll post the details with the AAR. Started working on the Zvezda Russian cavalry - they're well on their way to become Polish pancerni. I'm actually getting better at sculpting with green stuff.

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