Oct 14, 2014

Showcasing the 6mm Imagi-Nation armies

I still owe my readers, despite presenting a battle report earlier, some close-ups on the finished 6mm troops of Schultze-Böhnstadt and the Flossian Union. Well, here they are; first the Böhnstadter, in a linear arrangement above.

Leibhussaren von Paulitz.

CiC, most likely Princeps Erhard Berthold.

Massed battery.

Two cuirassier regiments.

Main infantry line of 8 battalions, two regiments.

The Flossian army, until refilling the ranks, intended to be on the defending side.

Two regiments of line plus a grenadier battalion.

A sole squadron of blue hussars.

CiC and artillery.

A dragoon regiment of three squadrons.