Oct 11, 2014

A Call to Arms ECW infantry

A very large painted showcase, at least of recent times. These are three boxes of 1/72 figures, all made by A Call to Arms: 2 boxes of ECW Royalist infantry and one of ECW command, 94 figures in total.
One regiment of foot (the Reds) were submitted earlier and without command figures. The other box is the Green regiment. They are in two massed formations here, one is a 'fortress' type square with wings of shotte on the corners, the other is the standard linear.

Close-up on the reds. With the command figures added, the pike is 4 ranks deep, 16 men, the shotte is 13-13 in three ranks on both flanks.

This has a tercio-like front with muskets in the first rank of the square and armored harquebusiers making up the front ranks of the 'sleeves', just something I tired before playing Sharp Practice with them.

For Victory Without Quarter and possibly Sharp Practice this will be a standard formation: luckily enough I have plenty musicians and standard bearers to form four regiments. Actually, with four-man combinations this could be increased to six regiments, three per side, and would be preferable for VWQ - not counting the Scots I ordered and the Zvezda figures I have from earlier.

The command figs between the ranks, they are a bit bulkier but don't stand out that much. I used a black undercoat - block - umber glaze - highlight method, quick and easy, but the figures bore it well. The faces are washed in Vallejo Model Air Burnt Umber, a high contrast paint I prefer for this job and also for horses. 

Wow, did I paint all of this?

The greens deserve an own photo too.

Some close-ups on the command figures, both red and green. As you can see one red standard bearer is a conversion, as this figure donated his right (sword) arm to Count Glutemarknog, whose body is the standard bearer's. A watchful reader might have spotted the count and his two companions on the first photo as well.

I used large brush strokes for highlighting and was done very quickly. I have told about the varnish problems too, the Revell enamel seems to have fixed that.


  1. Looks awesome! It's a pity you live so far away I myself play XVIIth c. with 1/72 unfortunately mostly solo.

    1. Thanks - I would like some more opponents too. If you visit Hungary I'd be more than glad to have a game with you :)

  2. Wow, what wonderful progress and fabulous looking troops.

  3. Nice job Andras, they look great!

  4. Very nice paintjob there András.Like your work.Inspirational blog.I will be following you. :)

  5. Hola
    Que buenas piezas
    Y lo mas impresionante el tamaño
    un saludo

  6. Red and green, both look just awesome! Great conversion to!