Oct 23, 2014

Mars TYW Scots Mercenaries

Mars gets a lot of bashing (on PSR especially) but I can conclude that I like their style. Considering that I don't strictly play historical games, these are the perfect figures for me as they are easy to paint, have lot of character and stand out, but not that much, from my other figures. This box has 48 figures - plenty enough to build a large skirmish force or 2-3 regiments in Victory Without Quarter.
These figures are shown together with two styrofoam hills I just built.

I have mentioned earlier that I like using the Vallejo airbrush Burnt Umber color for glazing, these figures' paintjobs are essentially a bare undercoat and the burnt umber glaze. I used a mixed undercoat of white primer & VMC Buff, added the burnt umber glaze, blocked the face and browns, highlighted the clothes with buff, then added a second glaze - et voilá, it was done. Not the best but all the crevices in the clothing provide for a fine effect.

As remarked correctly in the PSR review, the bowmen and barefoot swordsmen are obvious copies of the engraving of 'Irish' soldiers from the TYW, featured in the relevant Osprey book (many Mars sets take inspiration from those, both in poses and box art).

These are the Highlanders, they like this hill.

The brave Scots have since participated in a battle and won the day - stay tuned for the AAR.


  1. Nice work. The glazing gives a really good effect in all the details, and it's a quick way to get a lot done. I like them :-)

  2. I love what you've done with these, the details looks amazing.

  3. Great work. I like Mars figures too, I always think PSR are unfair on them as style is down to taste really (I hate Italeri figures for instance but PRS love them). The TYW range Mars are producing are great.

    1. Thank you - Italeri are meh, but their figures don't get such mixed review results like Mars'.

  4. really good minis, you made a great work on them!

  5. You let them look good. I think for this kinds of sets it all depents on the skills of the painter! And you have them!