Sep 15, 2014

More 6mm stuff

More parts of the 6mm SYW / ImagiNations lot are completed - above, the two command stands for the Böhnstadter (left) and Flossian (right) armies. For the first game of Maurice, as advised in the rules, we're going to keep things simple so there will be no more officers and notables.

For 6mm my palette is still rather dark. These figures were actually highlighted and then washed with Umber again. 

Trying to add a little more detail to the commanders.

Disruption markers, now I've got one for each unit painted so far - I'm saying so far because a lot more are coming from Baccus. Used the few mis-casts and the figures that did not fit in the four-base units to represent the dead. In the corner of the box, there are more plasticard bases - I just bought a lot of plasticard (2 square metres) so it will last long.

And this is a scratchbuilt windmill that will be used as an objective in the first battle. Some standard colors here (with the freshly bought Vallejo supplies): undercoated with Burnt Umber, blocked in with red/umber (roof), buff, highlighted with Bonewhite, washed, highlighted again. Fairly simple but it lead me to notice how many brown colors I have and how few others!