Sep 24, 2014

Alternate uses for Sharp Practice

This weekend I'll try and finish the Revell TYW riders and work on the ACtA ECW command. They need a stripping because my first experiment with spray primer proved disastrous. I just had a go with it without learning anything about the method so it dried grainy and started peeling off. However, a mix of VGC Black and white primer worked wonders on the 6mm figures so I'll keep by that. I have learned the trick for sprays on the matte varnish can I bought so finishing the 300+ 6mm figures took less half an hour, with extra brushed-on varnish for strength.
What's the point? I have said that I'm going to use Sharp Practice for the 'Vladislaus V Penal Battalion', and, when the troops reach appropriate numbers, for the Napoleonic Imagi-Nations of Ortosilia and Tropezonia. What's stopping me from, with a few reinterpretations, using the same rule set to the 17th century? Most of my painted collection and the main focus of my historical interests belong to this era and the style of SP suits my gaming needs well. So off I go, translating the basics to Hungarian and adding that 17th century flavor!

In other news, the next Friday me and a friend are going to play the first game of Maurice with about 700 6mm figures that I'm finishing this week (at this point they only need flocking, actually). Before that, some studying is required but that hopefully won't stop me from moving on with some painting... there's so much unpainted plastic in my room they're sad to look at.


  1. Will you be posting your rules amendments for 17 th c.? I'll be very much interested.

  2. Great:). Looking forward to it.