Jul 11, 2014

South-American ImagiNations: the background

First of all, sorry for the long absence. There is no particular reason to this other than the start of the summer holiday. I've got even more lazier than before. But there were some gaming and some new rules that will be published.
Here are a bunch of details on the two South American (or Napoleonic) ImagiNations I'll be using my 1/72 plastics for. I basically just generated some personalities to use, then started painting away the line units. The Ortosilian army's first units are now waiting to be based.  When their opponents are ready too, I'd like to play some Song of Drums and Shakos with them.
The idea is that both countries' army is utter crap. The soldiers are badly trained, unruly, malnourished and ill-equipped. Like a third world dictatorship. Even the 'Elite' units are on the level of plain regulars (e.g. they don't run when they see a horse). This would prove interesting in SDS as the quality of the soldiers would be low. Lots of failed activations inbound.

This is the map of the two countries. It's quite big. There are railways too. Ortosilia is in the south-eastern corner.

Capital: Portadoro
Leader: Manuel Ortega the 2nd, Glorious and Magnificent

Jules Descramps, former Captain of Voltigeurs in the Grande Armée
Don Pedro Carraro, Shareholder of the Treasury, personal attendant
Fief: Monte Carrara
Don Simon Martinez, Supreme Huntmaster
Fief: Tierra Roca
Don Diego Alejandro de Robles, General of Artillery, Keeper of the Cattles
Fief: Fuerte Oriente, Fuerte Arena
Don Carlos Cristobal Guerrero, Reverend Major
Fief: Callejón
Don Juan-Carlos Manuel de Castillo Garcia, Principle General of the Army
Fief: Ciudad de Plano
Don Angel Gutierrez, Reverend Colonel
Fief: Mina Volcano
Ortosilian staff members

The Ortosilian uniform is blue with red turnbacks, shoulder decorations are yellow. Most rank and file wear white pants because it's cheap to produce.
There are currently two regular units in service, the Household Infantry and the Household Guard. The Infantry has a 12-man battalion and the Guard has one company of 6, both with a 3-man staff and under the supervision of M. Descramps. A Dragoon squadron is forming in the capital.

Capital: Rio Paltas
Leader: Alonso Ortiz, King of the Pampas

Don Jeronimo Dominguez, Major General
Fief: the Calor Valley
Don Iker Fernandez, Locumtenens Regius
Fief: the Ripe Lands
Don Ivan Padilla, Wrath of the Pampas
Fief: Death Mountains and Petil Peninsula
Don Benjamin Rosales, General of Cavalry
Fief: Caro Mountains
Don Antonio Rivera, Chancellor
Fief: the Pampas
Don Juan Diego Francisco y Fuentes, Minister of Police
           Fief: Ciudad Termino

The Tropezonian uniform has a green or white vest with varying colors on the turnbacks. The currently deployed 1st Rgt of Foot's line company wears helmets, the Cazadores wear shakos, the Line Grenadiers mitres and the Guard Grenadiers bearskins.


  1. Looks great Andras! I do love that both forces are terrible. That presents some interesting dilemmas.

  2. One thing about beginning with ... erm ... 'crap' troops: they may improve. Napoleon once remarked: 'there are no bad soldiers; just bad colonels.' As battles with troops reluctant to engage begin to pall, you can begin upgrading to more experienced, and hence more reliable, soldiery.

  3. Certainly a good idea. As the units are very small, it will be easy to track the progress of each individual soldier.