Jul 13, 2014

Brutal Lego Fighting

To be honest, I have almost given in to temptation.
I have stumbled upon One Page 40k and read a few 40k novels. Oh my. I have even started looking into cheap non-retail (read: non-GW) resources. 
And then it hit me: I can do better.
One Page 40k is good, but not beer-and-pretzels-fun-good. Not slaughter-everything-good. A fast-paced tabletop game of total slaughter IS, in fact, one page long. And then you can add all your scenarios, rules limitations and whatnot.
I have also had a lot of Lego on hand.
Thus was born One Page Sci-fi
No army lists and point limits.
No fancy mechanics.
No distinct melee and shooting.
No 9001 dice thrown at the same time.
It is bloody.
It is fun.
It is played with Lego miniatures.

In these pictures, you can observe a game where the Space Orcs defend an ancient ruins against two opposing armies. The enemy had to reach the ruins to end the game. The challenge for them was that the defender set up a series of obstacles and covers (some static shields too) the way he liked. However, the defending units were outnumbered and all armies had activations, so it was 2 enemy actions to the defender's 1. The Orcs lost but to a bloody cost. You can see that there are many types of units as it can be read in the rules.
We have also played some 'total annihilation' type games and a 'capture the flag' scenario. Since then the armies have been expanded and now any army can take up various 'mercenary' units to give way to variety as originally every army had the same number and type of units.