May 9, 2014

Save the Princess, Save the World - Inter Arma Pike&Shot AAR

The Cossack raiders have taken prisoner a rich magnate's daughter. Two mercenary parties and a group of winged hussar brethren are determined to take her back.
The game is set at night.

Cossack OOB

Infantry Commander Evil Cossack Lord
Level 2: 35pts
Elite Deserter Haiduks x5 15
Regular Cossacks x20 20

Cavalry Commander Not so Evil Cossack Lord
Level 2: 58pts
Cannon with crew of 3 20+6
Regular Cavalry x6 30

Cavalry Commander: The Less Evilest Cossack Lord
Level 2: 58pts
Elite Armored Cavalry x1 8
Regular Cavalry x10 50

Rescue Party OOB

Polish Foot Commander
Level 2: 35pt
Regular Haiduki x17 34pt

Mercenary Foot Commander
Level 2: 35pt
Veteran Pike x5 15
Regular Musketeers x10 20

Husaria Commander
Level 2: 58pt
Mounted Musician 6
Winged Hussar x5 50

Ivan, the Cossack Marksman looks down on the on-going feast inside the walled camp and shakes his head. He is the sole abstinent Cossack in the entire Zaporozhye. Luckily enough, the commander was cautious and set up enough sentries. 
The high commander now resides in the wooden house near the church with two of his Haiduks on guard and the other three sleeping inside.

The attacking Poles happen upon a pair of brawling and very drunk Cossacks. One is shot and the other flees the table.

Both sentries are alarmed outside the redoubt but they have a hard time waking up their comrades.

A great deal of confusion breaks out as the Poles approach the camp. Ivan, the abstinent marksman scores a kill from the church tower. A more or less awakened Cossack party storms the European mercenaries (not pictured as they are lagging behind) but they are held back.

The winged hussars charge the Cossack cavalry stuck between the tents but they kill just a few while the rest manages to rally.

The Haiduks enter the camp while some cavalrymen are still in the tents dead drunk. Two volleys thunder in the night and the Cossacks are retreating.

The footmen are trying to organize the defence of the camp hastily.

The Husaria round up the remaining Cossacks and then break into the camp. After a duel between the two commanders, the Cossack cavalry yields.

When the earthworks fall, the remaining Cossacks pull up a barricade. In the meantime a group of loyalist Haiduks climb the temple hill and bring the lady to safety.

It has been proven that a cannon is not a very useful addition unless well placed (firing only one shot and missing), and also that drunk Cossacks are not a force to reckon with.