May 7, 2014

Project 'In the Navy' Fluff

The archipelago of Mä-da hosts two great civilizations, the Um-Nuki and the Kasbürü. Both are nautocratic states that span multiple islands and small continents. Kasbürü’s naval force is Fleet Grey or Flaet Gris Nauticus. Um-Nuki’s is Fleet Green or Fleate Sliben. Air force and army do not exist here as separate branches, but rather as naval aeronautics and naval infantry (marines). 

Fleet Grey’s people are traditionalist folks. The Council of Admirals lead them. Most Admirals, on the other hand, are without a fleet and take up a more civilian role as mayors. Everything is focused on maritime travel, trade and explorations.

Capital: Indeo Harbor
Populace: about 7,5 million

Navy: Capital ship Arkbalatus; 1 cruiser squadron of 4; 1 battlecruiser Ars-Visonta; 6 destroyers; 1 sub Kalamar; 1 light carrier Is-Irmis

A democratic rule under Vice President Segri Vikhov governs the people while the Flaetskuncil, led by President Bluto Megreb governs the rather extended military.

Capital: Corpusgrad
Populace: about 10.2 million

Navy: Capital ship Aleksandr; 1 cruiser sqd. of 7; 2 battlecruisers; 8 destroyers; 1 light carrier; 2 subs

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