Feb 4, 2014

WIP + The Battle of Carpet Hill

A quick peek at the Minden Miniatures von Seydlitz figure I will be using as a character in Schultze-Böhnstadt. I'm not quite content with it entirely so I will be working on the face and the white vest I think.
The other 4 foot officers I bought still require a lot of work while the Essex 15mm troops only need varnishing.

In the meantime I run a playtest of the new d8-driven version of my house rules 'A Risk to Take'. Two armies met in marching column but there was a great distance between them: the divisional commanders set the order of the battle and the two armies fell at each other.

Skirmishing in the treeline separating the two armies. Both commanders maneuvered trying to avoid running straight to the trees while ignoring the higher ground to the north.

A cavalry combat that lasted multiple turns commences.

The centre lines crash at each other and after two volleys exchanged and a charge a Crontaineviller battalion routs, luckily it is saved.

 The cavalry fight on the northern flank decides the battle as the Fricklander heavy cavalry supported by dragoons comes pouring down on the Crontaineviller right.

 They try to cope but the units on their right wing are already weak and two are destroyed in the same turn.

 The line becomes weaker and weaker, more reserves are thrown into the fray.

 As a centre unit and the right flank is destroyed, there is no hope left to retreat.

'Are we really pulling a Waterloo on this?', asked Major Jean-Luc de Mastodon, but his commander, the colonel Monte-Sur was not sure. 
The Crontaineviller won less combat rounds but a lot of initiatives so they could balance their heavier losses until the end. The middle unit (II/2. Grenadier battalion) in the first Fricklander line took a rash beating but with a lucky morale test and the consecutive use of Inspire commands it prevailed. There was only one unit that was removed due to routing.