Jan 24, 2014

In the Navy: Fleet Grey on parade

A quick set-up of the half of my naval project.

Quite impressive, isn't it?

Battleships and submarines in the centre of the wedge.

Carriers and escorts.


  1. Beautiful fly-over shot of Fleet, Admiral!

  2. Seeing your magnificent 'Grey' fleet, reminds me that I never did do a 'parade' of my 'Jono's World' Navies, though some articles have appear feature the building of it. I must show them off - and perhaps develop a little more consistency in my blog spot!

    I think I really ought also to do something about battles between the warring navies of Raesharn, Kiivar and their Saabian allies...

  3. Very nice fleet! 1/2400? Best, Dean

  4. Thank you. The reply function doesn't work for some reason. Well they are quite generic 'toy' ships, but closest to 1/2400 I think.