Nov 12, 2013

Zvezda 1/100 Katyusha, ZIS-5 and Opel Blitz

Materiel and heavy armature for 15mm WW2 gaming. Cheap, easy to assemble and paint. There were minor troubles around the axis and wheels though, they could be an easier fit. It required a lot of drilling and sanding and it almost broke.

Katyusha and little brother. The painting scheme on these was the usual, black basecoat, block painting, wash, highlights and finish. I did not add any further weathering. On the tyres I used a dark grey highlight and black glaze.

The Katyusha has double rear wheels and some nice rockets mounted.

Opel Blitz trucks, the infantry to pair with them is on their way from an ebay auction. I mixed black, VGC Stonewall Grey and Magic Blue to get this color.