Nov 16, 2013

Naval Rules Revised

During this week I have built a lot of small warships out of wooden bits. They are in the dorm but I'll bring my camera and take photos.
Because the Inter Arma rules for naval warfare are a little bit insufficient, I've worked on them a little and here is the result: Inter Arma d8 Naval Supplementary. As usual, Google Drive messed up the pages.
Mediafire link with .zip file: Link 
I have tried uploading it to mediafire and converting it to pdf but it was still messed up.

Read through it if you wish, comments are welcome

I have painted a bunch of Copplestone figures this weekend, but there won't be enough time for basing. Photos are on their way. I'm expecting two other orders to show up next week, the PSC German infantry and Caesar's fantasy adventurers.

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