Nov 1, 2013

PSC 15mm Russian Infantry

This week's painting time has entirely been around finishing these guys. They came by the post on Monday and I finished them yesterday. 130-1 (head broke off) infantry figures for the great red horde.

Organized the lot into five platoons, one SMG and four rifles.

SMG platoon here. Each group has a LMG support squad and two other squads plus command. Painting's been rather easy and thus a bit hurried away but most of the little detail would be lost anyway. 
Painted as follows: Vallejo Khaki for the uniforms, Revell Olive Green for the helmets, a mix of VMC Leather Brown and Burnt Umber for the gun stocks, gunmetal for the metal parts, leather brown for the straps and packs followed by an Umber wash and finish. The varnish is glossy again although I waited more than 24 hours to apply, well dayum.

Rifle platoons have two 9-men squads, command +LMGs. Each squad is run by an NCO.


I think I'll put the Germans on square bases. To host a larger game I would need a box of German infantry, some infantry AT teams and guns, Panthers and T-34/85s and that's it for the time being.