Nov 3, 2013

November Wishlist + ModelHobbies rant

It seems I'll have little spare time in November, so I won't be buying a lot more plastic.
The list contains:
Vallejo Black and Sepia washes
Yellow base and highlight colors, probably VGC

It seems my mood is changing, especially that the pike&shot stuff does not want to arrive, so I'll buy some medieval stuff, for which the inspiration is clearly from the castle...
Caesar Adventurers (been on the list for a long time)
Zvezda Medieval Peasant Army
Italeri Medieval Tournament, if the budget allows.

15mm WW2:
PSC German infantry.

Plus I'd really like to see my ModelHobbies order finally processed. I have told the tale of my order gone wrong; well, apparently it seems it's so hard to fix that they didn't bother replying to my email. I sent another one two weeks after the order has been made (and the first letter was sent that night). No answers.


  1. Very frustrating mate. I hope they get there act together and resolve your problem sharpish!

  2. A real mood reverser that one


    1. Sure, especially considering all my previous orders arrived in due time.

  3. There is nothing worse than an order that doesn't show up!

    1. Bad communications (no communication at all) give it a special flavor.

    2. Very unacceptable, I've had a problem with them before!

    3. I've bought stuff from their ebay at least 3 times and placed an order on their site and there was no trouble at all, I'll see how this one turns out.

  4. Once I had an order from a company, who is not exists these days any more. It was a blister of Great War Miniatures, Highlander 1914 HMG blister, code B106. I received Belgian 1914 HMG blister, not less than 3 times!!! Because that had the same B106 code. B like British, and B like Belgian. I complained three times, explained what is going on with the code, and received the wrong blister again and again. Than I decided two ask for a German Blister instead, different code, arrived in time.
    Back in time, when WH published the Warmaster Ancient rules, I had an order for the Warhammer Ancient rules, they send me 2 copy from the Warmaster, than an Italian Warhammer Ancients, and finally send me the right rules in English. :) At the end of the day, both was a good business for me, sold the extra books, and the figures, I had a decent profit. :D