Oct 1, 2013

October Wishlist, the Grand Project Review and some interference in the plans

October means money for the poor student. First and foremost I will have to buy a new laptop. I will be able to play Minecraft, World of Tanks and Mount&Blade which I could not do on this one. This can be allowed by my grandpa who has decided to aid me financially, and my performance during the last term. Although the student loan won't be cancelled, it will likely be next year, and that is a huge advantage in the long run. 

First things first, the things I wanted to buy were:

Greenstuff of admirable quantities.
Vallejo paints and Kolinsky brushes.
2 boxes of Zvezda Russian Noble Cavalry for horses, weapons, heads et al for the Great Secret Greenstuff Project, which is pancerni cossacks to pair up with my Winged Hussar squadron.
Probably a box of Mars 1/72 figs; either TYW heavy cavalry or European style Polish infantry (which would go well with the TYW theme obviously).

1/56 Minden figs for Schultze-Böhnstadt, starting with the civilians & high command.

The interference mentioned in the title is obviously with the latter, Minden Miniatures changing owner and the necessities of that situation. So the Minden order will have to wait, and while I'm at that, I'd like to do SYW era figs, the choices being:

Essex 15mms,
HäT 54mms,
or Perry 28mm AWI Brits for Flossians, and the Minden figs would add up to this later.

Consulting my Excel file titled 'big list.xls' I have found the state of my affairs, which at the current point is:
I have spent a little over 430£ so far (in more than two years) on little plastic and metal men, and I have 1823 figs and 42 other scale minis including horses, cannon pieces and whatnot. I have 40 pieces of scratchbuilt scenery and other items. My current projects are, in order of importance:

1/72 TYW/Wars of the Polish Commonwealth

Cossacks: both foot and cavalry - the Orion and Zvezda boxes. On the list.

Imperial forces: infantry and cavalry - Revell and Mars sets. I'd actually like some cavalry pieces added to my Swedes too, so I can see this one happening.

Generic/ECW: ACtA boxes. If I change my mind about the SYW.

Muscovites: Spearmen (sculpting or conversions), at least another Streltsi unit and another Cavalry unit with the current one repainted to the standard of the other one. Not going to happen.

Turks: Cavalry and irregulars - Zvezda, Italeri Tatars/Mongols plus conversions. Not this one either.

Poles: Pancerni Cossacks, Dragoons, mercenary footmen - Zvezda Russians+conversions. #1 priority.

Reading Master Featherstone's book on wargame campaigns (thanks Millsy) and with a desire to refine my own campaign rules in the Inter Arma rulebook, once I have the appropriate number of troops, I'd like to launch a TYW campaign. I guess I will be able to spare some time during the winter holiday or after the term is finished.

15mm WW2 Eastern Front:

Both parties: need infantry. A lot. And trucks.

Soviets: Need more T-34s, Katyushas, APCs.

Germans: Would actually need a lot more Panthers, PIVs and APCs.

1/72 JWI ImagiNations, which is an excuse to buy more figs. Of the many factions, the following are done:

Blue clans: Elite cavalry, Line infantry, Artillery, Light infantry (Heavy and Regular cavalry required, plus one or two more Line regiments)
Green clans: Elite infantry, Heavy cavalry, Regular cavalry, Artillery (Line infantry, Light infantry, Militia required)
Red clans: Line infantry, Heavy cavalry, Elite infantry (Guard Grenadiers need a repaint, Light infantry, Artillery, Militia, Regular and Light cavalry required)
Yellow clans: Line infantry, Artillery, Heavy cavalry, Light cavalry (Light cavalry needs a repaint, Light infantry, Militia req.)
Dorrosean: Line infantry, Light infantry, Guard and Guard Light inf., Heavy and Regular cav., Light cav., Artillery, Militia (needs more Line infantry to counterbalance the Jackewlinese)

(Scratchbuilding in all scales: no priority set as it is almost free:
I'd like to finish the plastic fort I bought some time back in the flea market for 2$.
And the model ship too.)


  1. May your modeling stash overrunneth with GS! Looking forward to more random creative creations.

  2. It's nice that your grandfather is helping you out a bit with funds. You'll get a lot out of that new laptop.

    Also glad to hear that you finally get to do a bit of shopping. I know it's been a long dry spell for you and that makes it difficult to stay motivated. Looking forward to seeing what you buy and paint!

    1. Thanks - by means of money the rest of the year will be a huge jump for me, which obviously means more figs, the trouble is the less painting time.