May 28, 2013

Muscovites vs. Swedes AAR

With the cavalry the Russian troops reached a higher level and are now able to be deployed against a larger size opponent, so it was time for some gaming. The Muscovites are defending the village and the Swedes have to capture the regimental gun on the church hill.

Cavalry clashes on the Swedish left flank.

The Swede heavy cavalry charges the Streltsi.

Muscovite horse archers try to outflank the main Swedish pike&shot body.

The Strelets musketeers slowly march to positions.

A volley from the cuirassiers' pistols reduces the Russian ranks.

And here comes the charge: the unit is destroyed.

On the right flank the Streltsi rout the cavalry.

Infantry closes on.

The right flank is saved and the march continues forward.

The Russian commander and his guard holds bravely but they stand no chance.

The death trap snaps and the Russians are retreating.

Canister fire misses most of the Swedish cavalry and the last chance is lost.

As the pike arrives too there is no chance to hold and the Russians surrender.

On the game: While not being overwhelmed, the Muscovites did not exploit the potential of the regimental gun, having it stationed on the hilltop. The Streltsi musketeers actually did a lot of good maneuvering, the turning point was the failure of the cavalry against the Swedish light horse.
The Swedish musketeers on the other hand foud themselves often waiting for the pike to keep up with them as, being armored, they were just a little slower. 
On the rules: The 'hold/capture objective' scenario should be more specific, as in 'hold objective for N turns'. The armor bonus for pikemen is quickly lost when an effective salvo hits them. This time the losses were distinctly heavier on the Muscovite side, but hadn't a few rolls been so poor (hitting almost nothing from a close distance with muskets) the battle would have lost longer or would have been bloodier for the Swedes.


  1. very interesting. but those Russians were doomed to failure once their cavalry was gone. but it is incredible that the steletsi survived that cavalry charge. nice game and I hope that the surrendered Russians were fairly treated as they had a rough day that day.

    great game!

    1. Thanks for reading. The Swedish commander must have been very humane with the captured men.

  2. Another splendid looking game, great to see the miniatures on the table like this.

  3. Very nice AAR with some beautiful minis!