Apr 9, 2013

Naval campaign - Episode 4.

Previous episode is here.
Turn 27-8

A new Fleet Yellow arrived at the Imperial main base.
The 3 Rebel divers and 2 blockade breakers struck on the harbored Imperial fleet.

Rebel startup with a diversion force of blockade breakers.

They don't last too long against the coastal battery, but win enough time for the divers to sneak in.

They manage to get past the minefields and the patrolling destroyers, but cannot do any harm to the heavier enemy ships. Some take light hits when sighted by the destroyers but hold out long enough to make their escape.

Summary: Assault at Ingre Harbor

I: 4 Destroyers lost
R: 2 Blockade Breakers lost

Turn 29-31

The Rebel divers returned to the nearest rig. Communication was set up with the main fleet, noticing them about the losses. 
The Rebel high command did not want to commission new blockade breakers before another pitched battle with the enemy, but they considered joining the divers and finishing Fleet Grey once and for all.
A smaller task force cleared the channel to Ingre harbor of coastal guns, then the main fleet set course to battle.

Last line of the Imperial defense.

Approaching Rebel fleet.

Flyers are sent to disable the coastal guns.

Light units clash on the Rebel left.

The Rebel fleet strikes at the harbor with full force.

A squadron of destroyers attacks the other coastal battery.

Flyers sink the Imperial flagship. The rest of the Imperial fleet gives up.

Summary: Battle of Ingre Harbor

I: 1 Battleship destroyed; 1 Cruiser destroyed; 3 Destroyers destroyed; 1 Light Cruiser routed; 3 Divers, 1 Destroyer captured
R: 2 Light Cruisers, 1 Destroyer destroyed

1d10 on the city's resistance: result = 8. The citizens are welcoming the Rebels after the tyranny of the Imperial admiral.

The cost of sinking most of the Imperial fleet is clearly shown: the Rebel losses are higher than their industrial capacity would allow. Ingre Harbor's docks are commissioned to produce 2 destroyers and 2 cruisers in 10 turns.

The 3 Rebel destoryers just made in Port Novis destroyed the coastal guns at the nearest cape, then moved up to Eastern End.
The remaining Imperial fleet enclosed on Ingre Harbor, ready to block the Rebels' way.


  1. Nice one, Andrew. You are the 1st gamer I've seen using Legos and really make it happen. May the Force be with you!

    1. Thank you. The first perhaps, but not the last hopefully!

    2. don't worry I think that I will follow your example. where can I find the rule set for these? I think that a nice big naval battle will be fun.

    3. These are my homegrown rules and so fresh I haven't even updated the Rules page but if you'd like to use them I will. It's a D6 based system, the mechanisms are taken from the Modern&WW2 version which I originally planned to use for tanks, they work fine with ships though.

    4. Here are the links to the rules if you're interested:
      Inter Arma main book , this is for general combat mechanisms.
      Title for modern&armoured combat, the specific naval rules are at the end of the doc. Have fun.