Apr 7, 2013

April wishlist

Sort of a short cut this month, as I have already spent a ton of money in March and I'd like to save more, well who knows.

I will certainly buy
  • MDF bases for the 15mm vehicle park, from ebay.
  • A variety of dice, all sorts. Ebay as well.
  • Some 1/1200 Revell ship kits. I just did one and like it pretty much (put up a hard fight but eventually I won), pictures incoming.
  • 15mm WW2 stuff. Now the problem is I can't really find a good deal. Would either buy infantry (German and Russian) or heavy armor (Tigers to be honest).

    The PSC boxes contain 130 infantry figures which is a lot. Down to that they are cheap, although the whole box is pricey. Second choice is the Forged in Battle sets (Essex has some Germans too which would be a good one, sadly no Russian range). These are usually not available on ebay, have to order from their site, and contain 40 figs and cost half as much as a PSC box, increasing the price/fig but they are metal and so it goes. TBH neither is a perfect solution,

    so this is a call out to anyone who's got some (preferably unpainted) figures, scraps and remnants of sets never used etc. and would like to sell them, here's a buyer (me).
Of course fate always plays cards with me and I am not entirely sure this will be the final result of my money-spending spree on the high seas of the Internets.

Other options:

  • Space/naval games for the sake of variety.
  • Still hunting for the Zvezda peasant army, or any other levy-type medieval troop for a good price.
  • 1/72 Imperial Romans if I can find any as this was the other project the most votes had been cast for back in March.