Mar 1, 2013

March wishlist

March seems prosperous and here is a list of what I should acquire:

Late new year resolutions:
  • Stop thinking in projects. Will buy what I like as for most of the part, I still need hundreds of minis to complete one. Most of these 'projects' are sorry excuses anyway, to buy more.
  • Rewrite the Risk rules for naval/space combat. Sounds fun? It sure does. As unit bases have a strength value and are quite free to maneuver, just a little re-writing needs to be made.
  • Finish that damn translation (about the siege of Szabács, to English).
  • Finish the damn translation of the Inter Arma rules to Hungarian.
  • Finish reading Caesar's commentary on the Gallic wars and find some inspiration for possible skirmish scenarios. Already have some ideas.
  • Do not ignore studies and go out to partay. There'll be pirates.
Painting. What is certain:
  • Alban 28mm 95th Rifles with the Sharpe personality pack. 
  • Some Frenchies to counter them. Still haven't got around playing SDS but determined. HäT or Victrix 28mms.
  • More Revell quality paints, these are always lacking and I need to stock up on them. No, I won't go near GW to buy their stuff. At least that's what I tell myself.
  • This also means a ton of varnish. The varnish issues continue, I may commit heresy: use glossy+black for quickshading, then apply a matte coat with spray. Also search for new techniques (or more likely, improve the ones already learnt) to become independent of quickshading. Not sure it would work with the quantity of figs I'm planning to order.
  • More brushes. Most of mine are expensive but lame quality (whew, here we go, I said it) and they bend and lose hair all the time, there are a few though that hold nicely.
  • The sculpting practices continue. 
Further options:
  • The 15mm TYW pack increased.
    As I am unexplainably fed up with cavalry (more exactly: horses... no explanation as once I start painting them I am done in a few hours, no problems at all), this would mean a footmen order, probably command+halberds and some musket up to 15-20 quids.
  • 15mm plastics from PSC, a good starter for any WW2 project + A ton of Zvezda vehicles for them.
    A bit more pricey with the Russian and German infantry boxes being around 25-30$ each, however, for that money I'd get more than a hundred figs, and if I don't use them all there still is the chance to paint and sell them.
  • GB 28mm Vikings and Saxons, the two plastic boxes for Inter Arma gaming. Good price value and would prolly cost the same as the 15s.
  • 1/72 Romans and friends: civilians, barbarian enemies, tools of siege warfare and everything necessary. Early Imperial.
    Have been hesitating between this and 15mm (from Essex) but plastics are more widely available (by which I mean there is a chance I can buy them in Budapest and don't have to order them from the other side of the world) and have a better price. For a good variety I would need about 5 or 6 boxes:
    1. Roman infantry, auxiliaries, cavalry, maybe 2 of each or half of them painted different colors to do some civil war too - it's Zvezda all the way;
    2. Barbarian friends with axes, any sort, there is a great variety of sets. Germans or Gauls are preferred;
    3. Civil life sets from Linear-B either as camp followers or tabletop decoration (or something the uneducated, stinky half-naked barbarians would slaughter).
  • 1/72 Zvezda Saxon cuirassiers converted to tricorne ones. For the other part, the transplantation subject GNW Swedes will have heads with funny helmets and nothing goes to waste.
  • More Risk to complete my armies. Ebay or second-hand.
As I am lacking the will to decide I will put a poll above the search bar in the right side menu. Time for you to help me decide. The poll will be up for two weeks; the two options with the highest votes will get a chance. Call your parents, friends, pets, friends' parents and parents' pets, and pets' parents and tell them to help me sort this out.


  1. You're gonna need LOADS OF Frenchies to counter Sharpe. :) Probably a complete infantry batallion will do, with some massive cavalry support and a few batteries. If Sharpe is alone. Drunk. Blindfolded. And sleeping.

    1. Let's see, a single Victrix sprue has 15 figs, the HäT box 28... Either way, they may need some artillery.