Feb 26, 2013

Codex Inter Arma

"It’s done, the great act of creation.
 The maker rests. The wheel’s in motion(...)"

(A Hungarian poet, who has seen this moment coming in the 1800s)

Awwww-rite, you can inspect the finished, refurbished, re-read and re-re-re'd complete ruleset under the Rules page or

There are lots of interesting features. Please do try the rules if your time allows and get back to me with preferably less swearing words than having fun.

If someone does not like metric, just half all distances to convert them to inches. I don't like inches.


  1. nice work on the rule set. I may test it out myself some time. Thanks for doing it in Metric so many imperial rules out there its depressing... long live the metric system and its units of measurement that actually make sense!

    1. Thank you. Around here in Europe we only use metric so it seemed the better choice.

  2. Thanks, I'll give them a roll or two on the dice.