Feb 12, 2013

New units for Frickland

Completed during last week. First, four field artillery units and the Präsidenter Garde du Corps. 

I thought the guns would be hard to paint but they weren't at all, a quick drybrush with dark earth on black basecoat, gold/bronze on the barrels and then I could move on to the figs.

The crew has the standard light turquoise uniform with yellow cuffs.

The Garde du Corps wear breastplates and backplates and ride selected black horses. They are led personally by Freiherr Johann Albert von Rinschke, Feldmarschall of the cavalry arms.

These are the weakest link, the Freiheitskorps Dragoner. A self-equipped volunteer unit with low combat value. As dragoons, these can dismount, leave the horses behind and act as light infantry. That is why the empty base with the grazing horse emblem on it is necessary.


  1. nice little guys. as for the dragoons they'll be fine once on the battlefield and if not at least they'll die looking pretty, I don't think that's much consolation but that all I can give them really, they are volunteers after all.