Feb 13, 2013

Greenstuff Adventures 5. - Of trolls and peasants

This post's material is still made for the Inter Arma campaign session I am planning to do the next weekend. These above are two bridge trolls that hide under bridges and scare people. The youger troll mocks travellers and when it's in trouble calls for Troll Momma who then wrecks everything. Such is the life as a troll.

They have some moss on their backs too, the disadvantage of living under bridges. Of course there are many more types of trolls:

"The Trolls. Well, yes. These grotesque creatures see hatred as their main motivation, and of hatred, in ancient Prannonia there's aplenty. So much that trolls become dangerously fat on it. Not as dangerously as Geri the Barbarian, more like the Dangerously, little brother of the Black Plague, which, the dear Readers might or might have not figured out, was a disease, its smyptoms being discolored toenails, then a sudden escalation to a bad sore throat and the urge of rubbing kittens to one's nipples. 
This medical history aside, trolls, evidently, do not like people or each other. Many types of trolls roam the world, for the evolution (invented by Doravinus, one contemporary Breton scientist of Geri the Barbarian, during the examination of little apes) made them cunning and agressive in a thousand potentional ways. There are, for instance, bridge trolls, tax trolls, mediatrolls (this one originates from Greece), but oh there are volcano trolls, magnet trolls, and, as we know from now on, ghost-trolls as well."

These figures represent villagers the heroes would meet. They will give various tasks and reward them with XP and some money. I wanted to do a smith too but ran out of wire. And there is a campfire too. This can be used as a source of fire magic, or as a campfire. Very practical.

And finally, Rosie the jolly packhorse. An artillery horse from the Zvezda GNW Russian artillery set had some greenstuff put on its back so our adventurers won't have to carry all the loot themselves.


  1. Inventively well done, Sir. A mossy Troll, now that's what I like!

  2. I do like those bridge trolls. Takes me back to my childhood it does.

  3. nice work. I think trolls are actually very intelligent, clearly they must be when they are so good at taxing people and annoying them when they cross bridges... but hey ho.

    Nice work and I love the sounds of the game for the weekend

    1. Thank you, I've met a few trolls but always outsmarted them. Maybe it was pure luck, but I don't value them highly.

  4. Unusual, and very nice figures! Great work...