Dec 12, 2012

Games Day part III - Retreat from Moscow

The last post on the Games Day topic is the game I participated in, a little scenario played with 28mm figs and the Song of Drums and Shakos rules. The French had to get their carriage through the table and the Russian Cossacks and Jäger planned an ambush to stop them. 
I played the French with a lot of support from the hosts then I picked up the pace, it was an interesting but time-consuming game and I had to leave it hanging in the air after two hours.
Out of courtesy I shot photos only while the enemy (the Russians) were moving so maybe I missed some of the action, here it is anyway:

Russians on the hill...

...More Russians in the woods.

Rearguard takes action, a few heading left against the threat from the hill. A lot of unsuccessful shooting. 

The carriage slowly makes it for the village. I couldn't activate the damn thing for three turns after that.

Vanguard forms line. I wanted to get to the bridge before the Cossacks did but they were fast and I wanted my troops together.

Rearguard forms line and those who didn't shoot yet fire a volley... One Russian hits the ground but only to avoid the rain of lead.

Cossacks storm into the vanguard who've shot a volley earlier and killed one of them.

The Jäger on the left get down the slope, ready to cause trouble. The sole chasseur started retreating in small steps due to enemy fire, then a Russian and my grenadier was killed.

There were a lot of killings (one chasseur dropped to the ground and that bloody Russian stabbed him with his bayonet), in the end almost everyone had an empty musket and the Cossacks were causing major trouble, knocking down my troopers turn after turn, the rearguard losing men etc., the end result was pretty risky when I left (see the picture above) so no idea how had it been finished. 
The rules are great and the table was a joy to play on, bad thing is as the situation became worse my dice failed me while at the beginning when there was no need for it I kept rolling 5s and 6s - maybe because of stress. 
That's all for the week and the weekend's pretty uncertain too. I'm past the more serious stuff but two major exams are coming and I'm not even sure I want to go home (too many distractions!). Have some fun till then.


  1. The winter scenery is super nice!

    1. The terrain and the buildings were nice, but sometimes my dice landed under a tree and it was pretty difficult to get it out without collateral damage.

  2. interesting game, not my prefered scale but still rather interesting. anyway best of luck for those exams. I am now waiting for the results of my own a few weeks back, have to wait until january. I must stop thinking about it or else I will just get stressed over the possible results

    1. Thank you; if you're past an exam there is no need to be stressed. My first rule about studying is to be cool about it or it will just mess things up.

  3. Some great pics Andrew, love the snow effect!

  4. Fantastic pictures and atmosphere Andrew, I really like it!

  5. Great gaming table with that snow! Nice report and excellent pictures! Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thanks for the comments and for checking it out :)