Dec 11, 2012

Games Day part II - the inspiration

A follow-up on yesterday's post, this one to show all the eye-candy and tables I could visit.

Napoleonic battle between Brits and French: the British are enhanced with cola. There weren't any players around and it was like that for the rest of the day, sadly for me.

From the tables and the vendors I wandered to the competition table, and have been amazed by the quality of work. 'Army' category above.

Huge LoTR diorama.

The figures are almost lost on the picture.

Song of Drums and Shakos game with Napoleonic Russians and French.

28mm Victrix figs if I remember correctly.

This was quite the end of the game but I returned later and played for almost two hours - it will be covered in the next post. 

More LoTR stuff (War of The Ring rules), excellent minis.

The biggunz. You'll need a big table for these.

More dioramas, a not so inviting lab here.

Another LoTR (sssoooo mainstream) diorama.

Tanks, tractors and choppers with air support - the competition table again, 'Vehicle' category.

Back to the games again, micro armor with naval support.

Close-up on the ships. Look at those cute little tanks!

40K game on a very crowded table, of the 'pack all your interesting stuff on a table and let them shoot each other to pieces' sort. I couldn't tell there was actual gaming until I've seen someone rolling dice.

Six orcs walk into a bar... It shouldn't end well. Brewhouse Bash game which most of the kids liked. You can throw chairs, other participants and hit each other with broken bottles etc. This little table had a lot of attention but I only stayed for taking some photos - one was found worthy to post.

This one was abandoned the time I got there but the buildings are all good looking.

Took some macros on this one but don't know what they played, just met a buddy from the summer job, greeted him then moved along.

The buildings were nice though.

Card-based stuff, lovely bases too. Optical zoom on this one.

Napoleonic Russians waiting for the next action.

Workshop and painting tutorials.

LoTR armies. Someone was prepared and brought a balrog too. 

Bad guys.

Good guys.

After this I sat down to play, might have missed some tables but you can feel the overall picture. Vendors were nice and helpful and so were the hosts at each table, quite a good impression.


  1. WOW what a lot of LOTR stuff there. I used to collect those until I found 20mm and then I moved it all along... I think I gave them to a young boy to have, hope he likes them, anyway nice place. I like the idea of cramming a table and then letting rip it would be like suddenly taking control of the battle once the action had got underway... like if you were second in command and the guy above just got shot.

    1. Yes, it seems pretty popular, maybe because of the new movie.

  2. Wonderful tables! Details are fantastic...

  3. Some great looking table love the Rivendell scene.

  4. Love that LoTR dio. Looks like a grand time. I need to go to a paint workshop one day. It's been added to my bucket list!

  5. Thanks for sharing! Some unique layouts there...the Orc bar scene is cool!

  6. Thanks for sharing these pictures with us! That LoTR diorama is fantastic!


    1. You're welcome. Honestly, I wouldn't dare to start something that big.