Dec 3, 2012

December wishlist

With Christmas (also exams) peeking around the corner, I've come up with a 'how to spend a ton of money' list again.

I promised myself to buy the 1/450 Revell Spanish galleon and convert it to fit in my World in Chaos setting as the frigate Judgement's Scream, doing it in my spare time in the student hostel. Well technically there won't be any free time in the next two weeks but I like dreaming big.

9th Dec is Games Day, last year went on with a lot of interesting and well executed games, this time I'll bring my camera too and intend to join in and play some demos. Would be good to bring some cash too and see what I can get. But what I need is:

  • A ton of dice (now that I've written more rules for the Inter Arma main book and they rely on one dice per fig in massed combat; will look for bargains)
  • Flock and tufts(a little bit bored of static grass, honestly)
  • A new brush for drybrushing (or switching an old to that role and buy a new), one for details (the Revell ones are good but after one or two months of use and abuse they kind of lose their will to live).
  • Maybe some scenery, trees etc.

Will check out the rest, last year there weren't much historical gaming but there were some very inspiring models and excellently painted figures.

Christmas will bring me the Renaissance Command by Pro Gloria Miniatures (or the more generic Landsknecht command which won't be available till the 12th, still under consideration), a wonderful group of 28mm figs, and Bernard Cornwell's Sword Song which apparently had not yet been translated to Hungarian.

What else I intend to buy is more 30YW stuff as this is what interests me at the moment, presumably more Revell sets if the price is good on ebay (they are a pain to find, someone should really re-issue them) and maybe the Zvezda Imperial pike&shot. It would be good to try a new scale too (while I'm really new at 28mm as well, 15mms, taking less space and all, seem convincing... but so do the 54mm ECW figs made by A Call to Arms... I feel like I've gone too far again).

Later on this week on Random&Creative:

  • A trio of 30YW mercenaries sculpted by me.
  • Nolisium high command for A World in Chaos.
  • Spanish tercios vs. uncouth Protestans in Cossacks: Back to War .

Welcome to Piotr Nowacki from Revolutionaries (thought you were subscribed?) and Andrew (Loki) from Lokis Great Hall.


  1. Right now it doesn't look as if I'll be able to buy anything for Christmas. I do have a wish list though and hopefully I'll be able to buy some things in January.

    1. Hope that does not ruin the Christmas spirit. All the best for you.

  2. I think the top of your list should be "more time in the month" LOL

    Good luck with all that


  3. Everyone needs a list at this time of year; here is hoping you get your goodies.

  4. Santa has lots of putty for good modeling law students!

    1. Sorry to say Sir but Mr. Santa only bought me booze. In Hungary, Baby Jesus brings presents (I don't know how he does that, being a baby and all, but this does not change the fact).

  5. Santa bringing booze? Now I know where that Santa came from I used last year for a little vignette! :-)

    Wish you a lot of goodies Andrew!