Nov 29, 2012

City Guard, an Award and five dozen followers.

First the important news. Ion, also known as Archduke Piccolo kindly nominated my Random&Creative to the sort-of-viral Liebster Blog Award. A quick 'thanks' again before going on thinking which blogs I should pass it further...

The rules:

- Copy and paste the award on your blog linking it to the blogger who has given it to you.
- Pass the award to your top 5 favourite blogs with less than 200 followers by leaving a comment on one of their posts to notify them that they have won the award and listing them on your own blog.
- Sit back and bask in that warm fuzzy feeling that comes with knowing that you have just made someone's day!
- There is no obligation to pass this on to anyone else but it is nice if you do.

My nominations in no particular order: 
Caliban-somewhen, mostly for featuring those interesting battle reports.
Revolutionaries, a very informative blog showcasing very well painted Ancient figs.
Back to the minis, all sorts of periods and a unique humor.
Michigentile's MicroWorld, an awesome diorama builder and great inspiration. Well, this one's just been listed by Sam on Sam's Minis World but I stick to the original plan :)
Ender's Games, top quality painting on various subjects.

I read many blogs and I learn a lot from you, even if I do not comment enough. Honestly, I'd just nominate every single blog I follow, lel.

Secondly, the blog has hit 60 followers with the kind cooperation of many, the 60th (not counting self) being no one else than Bear... I like bears now even more. Sadly I can't find your blog, Bear, so let me know to link back.

Then, painting-wise, 21 foot figs for the City Guard of Nolisium based and ready for action.

Rear view of the shields.

Those halberds are looking dangerous.

Spearmen, commander and archers. I'm painting now the high command with the Golden Prince and his female paladin sidekick (using the Italeri HYW French set which has a Jeanne d'Arc fig too).

Not much to add, they were easy and quick to paint, I might have just used a too bright shade of drybrushing on the bases but it's covered well with static grass. Also managed to squeeze four posts (plus one filler) out of one long weekend's work, back to studies now.