Nov 10, 2012

WIPs and more rules

I've decided to paint up the Zvezda HYW French foot in two batches (PSR link for pics), both for the World in Chaos setting. The crossbowmen  along with the guys with warhammers (marked as 'Italian mercenaries' on the box) and picks will be mercenaries and would be hired by parties or governments for good money. The rest of the set will make a more uniform lot, the City Guard of Nolisium, with purple/white tabards. These are mostly halberdiers and lancers plus the very nice command sprue. As most of the Italeri HYW knights feature fleur de lis and these halberdiers have them on their shields too, I deliberately made it the symbol of the Golden Prince of Nolisium. This 'good guy' will be represented by one of the Frenchie figs both on foot and mounted.
I'm also painting the remaining 8 mounted knights from the Zvezda English set and they will hopefully be finished this weekend.

Rules: I've uploaded a third appendix for the skirmish ruleset Inter Arma on Pastebin and it is available on the Rules page in the header and on this link.


  1. Sounds good look forward to seeing them.

  2. Good choice Andrews! the ZVEZDA figures are often good!
    I don't like them all in this set, but I'm sure that they will be very good after you paint them.

    1. Thanks; they are pretty good for a generic Medieval band of soldiers as I'm planning them to use.