Nov 7, 2012

Italeri longbowmen

The Italeri HYW English set contains seven archers. Four has separate hands, and five have the pale thingie used for defense against cavalry attached to their plastic base. 
Now first I cut these off and made a single row of them on a cardboard sheet which then I've decorated, looks much better especially that I'll use the archers mostly for my skirmish games and it would look dumb to carry those sticks with themselves all over the place. 

The figs are based on coins as usual, block painted mainly brown shades with metal helmets etc., then a quick shading and they're ready to go.

I'll have to work on a special 'volley' rule for the game which will work as AoE. 

I've bought the Zvezda HYW French infantry box as there were no ACW around, also sculpting tools and a pack of greenstuff, when these latter two arrive I'll immediately start practicing.


  1. Really nice paint Andrew
    Cheers Captain Lol

  2. Nice painting and creative-adjustment of the model to meet you more practical and useful needs.

    Have fun with the steel and the putty.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you. As a Hungarian I've always liked the recurve bow more, but the longbow is great too.

  4. Always useful at long range, very nice work!

  5. Very good. I agree with what you've done you'll get more use from them that way.

  6. Nicely painted figures! Good idea to cut away those poles and use them on a seperate base!


    1. Oi! Another surge of comments from you Sir! Thank you very much.