Sep 19, 2012

Vikings rebased

Since the earlier troubles with the acrylic varnish, I still had to do something - why not rebase my Vikings, I asked myself. So a quick removal from the ugly old bases, a touch of matte varnish so they don't glow in the dark, and here they are. Set is Zvezda's Vikings, a very useful one with lots of neat figs.

The skirmish line is departing. Used more static grass and some moss on the bases.

Command here.

The pack contains six archers and three guys with javelins. 

Another great news is that I ordered a pack of Italeri's Medieval Tournament last week and it got here in five days including Sunday, pretty fast! Well I've got to buy some gun metal paint and undercoat to start working on them, looks like they have to wait a little more.


  1. The new bases look grat and a great looking force you have there to

  2. They are looking very nice! Good work!

  3. There's nothing like turning on the PC 1st thing in the morning [my time] and seeing a gang of howling and raging Vikings racing across a green meadow on their way to level and pillage a small defenseless village!! Nice work, Andrew.

  4. Great rebasing work, the figs look good too


  5. They certainly look great now, but how were they based before Andrew?

    1. Thank you, here's the old post made in February showing their previous state, these were the first ones I started experimenting with regards basing.

  6. They look great rebased! I agree, this is a very nice set!