Sep 20, 2012

Flea market

Been to the flea market on Saturday. Most of it is outright scam but does well if you bargain with stupid people (my favorite kind of all peoples). You can really get anything: airsoft, puppies, old household tools, bikes. Mostly fun to browse through but not sure I could spend more than an hour around. Despite the cold autumn weather (it's getting here, finally) there were a lot of people and vendors as well.

Here's the loot made of about 6 dollars:

I'm working on a utility package to contain basic tools (thread, needle, superglue, band-aids, knives, instant coffee etc), the flask is for that (to contain the 'medicinal' quantity of my favourite whiskey The Famous Grouse). It had a lighter too which I passed to my brother (smokes more than me and  getting back 30% of the price was quite a deal).

This plastic fort costed 400huf (approx. 1.5$), it needs some 'optical tuning' which I'll do in the following weeks. Things to do are:

  • Removing the ugly mold lines or covering them with foliage,
  • Painting the stone surfaces (this is going to be a huge work, might basecoat with airbrush)
  • Cutting off the upper half of the high tower and making a hourd on top,
  • Balsa wood or pine planks around the battlements, also stairs suitable for small scale (this would require a lot of putty),
  • Fixing the gate, filling the gaps where there are too many,
  • Base the whole thing with smaller buildings around the wall. Might add the keep I built earlier.
Next thing is to find a place I could keep it. My shelves are getting crowded.

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  1. Nice haul, Andrew. You are an ambitious modeler. Have fun!

  2. Sweet, that fort will come in useful

    1. Needs a lot of work but when it's finished it'll look great!

  3. Good bargains, looking forward to the fort alterations.

  4. Sounds like you have big plans with that castle! Really nice purchases!