Sep 11, 2012

Some tiny bits of gaming

Have you seen this man? You'd better not if you were his enemy. Inter Arma test game here.

Magnus de Ortho, Armored/Elite
Level 7
Primary skill: Melee - One-Man Army (adds +2 to a saving roll on 7 occasions during a battle)
Secondary: Berserking (adds instant initiative on 7 occasions during a battle and damages one more closest enemy, followed by an instant counter-attack)
Special item: Ancient Longsword (Melee only; adds +2 charges to melee primary skills and secondary skills Berserking and Brawl)


1 horseman, Regular, no abilities
1 javeliner, Regular, no abilities
9 footmen, Regulars with shields, no abilities

Initial setup.

Magnus starts for the cavalryman, it dashes off with the javelin thrower following...

First of three javelins misses, the rider is killed.

Pretty much all of the footmen closes up and a fierce fight begins, Magnus escapes their grip and charges one of them.

An onslaught follows and many of them are killed/wounded, not a scratch on our hero. All three javelins miss, even from the closest distances.

Escaping some narrow situations with his abilities, he swipes away most of the party.

In the end, de Ortho used six charges of his primary and five of his secondary skills, leaving behind six wounded and five killed.

Later on we've decided to raise a party and get them to level 2:

1. Jose de Tabasco - armored Elite
Primary: One-Man Army
Secondary: Brawl

2. Magnus de Ortho - armored Elite
Primary: One-Man Army
Secondary: Berserking

3. Caldeus de Novrostia - armored Elite (deceased)
Primary: Healing Magic
Secondary: Mind's Eye

4. Agroschafus Mortens - armored Elite
Primary: Eagle Eye
Secondary: Stealth

5. Ain achv Gartenskelt - armored Elite, Mounted
Primary: One-Man Army
Secondary: Leadership

Pretty much a tanking setup being 100% armored and three of five with a defensive primary skill but we were limited in meanings of available figs (something to take more care of next time and this would mess up my how-to-spend-a-ton-of-money plans for October).

First battle was against six bandits, one mounted and one with javelins and the party have pretty much wiped the floor with them, especially the poor guy throwing his javelins and missing three times in a row.

Second battle, they've found the bandit's nest and the sentry could not spot them until they were close, except Agroschafus the archer and Jose the knight on foot who've rolled 1s in chains of fatigue and were trying to get past the main building the bandits were in, finally they joined the frontal combat. The bandits, after they've spotted the enemy, could leave their building only in groups of five and become active in next turn regarding movement. The mounted knight had pretty much camped them and went on with a stat of 3 killed and 4 wounded (out of 14, who were guessing the bandits had a rough day again were guessing right). After the healer put all his spells on a cooldown, using them on Magnus who crossed a low wall and faced four bandits, one archer and one with javelins between them, a few enemies who've just left the building turned on him and killed him on place, luckily for Magnus he had his One-Man Army yet to use as well as his Berserking and wiped three of four before being wounded. Finally Jose joined the fight too, failing the fatigue roll twice; Agroschafus wounded two and it was over. They've found out the remaining one single bandit had a hidden a talent for healing magic, they've hired him and the party was full again, achv Gartenskelt advanced to level 2.

Third battle was a competition between Magnus, Tabasco and Mortens: they had minimal XP needed to pass level 2 so I've set up a sort of arena match between them and two enemies each, fastest getting the XP. Magnus managed to kill the two opponents in six turns; Tabasco was wounded in the fourth. Surprisingly, all of the archer's arrows hit - he disabled one opponent from the furthest distance with one shot, then ran a few paces from the third and killed it using his Eagle Eye skill. The contest had been won by the archer and he's got to level 2.

Now what we have in the party is a level 1 healer (useful until it gets in contact with the enemy), a level 2 mounted knight, a level 2 archer with stealth (in plate!) and two level 1 foot knights lacking only one/two kill each to level up.

The batteries being recharged, here's a picture of the glorious bandit hunters and defenders of poor villagers until they're being paid: