Sep 10, 2012

Inter Arma character sheets

Seemed a useful addition to the game now as characters can have special items and skills. Some photoshopping work here and there, see the details of the process below.

  1. Setting the background in PS: in this case an 450x650 image. I use the 'Clouds' tool for the background with sand- or parchment-like colors. 
  2. Googling 'picture frame' and choosing a not too ornate but not too simple one, adding it to the picture and removing unecessary parts with the Magic Wand tool. I've got an old version of PS but will upgrade soon to CS4. Removing the background colors in a rectangular shape behind the parts where the character's picture would be.
  3. Checking '1001 free fonts' for cool fonts. I used Erasmus for the stat markers, Troll Bait for the 'Inter Arma' sign at the bottom, Dirt2SoulStalker for the 'Character Sheet' text at the top and Arrr Matey BB for quoting the stats.
  4. I've copied an image (again from google search) of crossed swords and went through them with an eraser on 70% opacity.
  5. All you've got to do now is inserting a picture and writing the stats.

And this is a test character named Magnus de Ortho for a game I played on Sunday. I said earlier: "Some gaming is in sight to try out the 'skills' added last time to the rules. I think I'll choose a character and go full Hulk on it, adding it heirlooms and maximum levels of skill and see how many opponents can it beat.", well Magnus here is the highest level and has a top sword, trying not to spoil anything but he kicked some butts! Later on he's been 'demoted' to level 1 to level up with a party of plate-wearing blokes with great success to see how far it can go, sadly no pictures of this late one as the batteries of my camera exhausted but a report to come soon..

Also here's a welcome to PanzerKaput, from PanzerKaput's Painted Review and DaveD from One man and his brushes, thank you for joining!


  1. Another creative creation! And nice too! What size is the sheet? Thanks.

    1. Thank you; I thought it was 550x700 but it's 450x650 (will fix in the post) pixels, which is 6 1/4" x 9" according to Photoshop's counter, of course it can be halved to make it card-size.

    2. Actually I was imagining what a card size version would look like. Nice work.