Sep 26, 2012

Painting diary XXV.

Painting front reporting in: not much improvement, just some basic work here and there so I could start more easily later. Above: Italeri Medieval Tournament basecoated. Bought these used on ebay and they got here from the UK in four working days, pretty neat.  

The figs are really nice, especially the lords and ladies, the clothes are beautifully sculpted, hope my painting won't ruin them. 

Also, over 130 pageviews yesterday, hitting the record again! This is partly due to the post of my map being featured on TMP, thread here.

Inside the box, one French and one English set of knights, longbowmen etc., the French are missing six crossbowmen and one foot fig from the tournament sprue, bought it a lot cheaper (together with shipping cost) than I could have here in a shop. 

Bought these pieces of pine wood, they're approx. 1m long and 10mm x 3mm wide and deep. They'll form the battlements around the fort's walls I bought last weekend.

Checking my finances again it seems I can afford a few cans of paint, there's a shop in a mall I've been to last week (went checking the new Lego monobrand shop but it was small so we spent more time around in a pet shop, a toy shop and I've seen some neat hats but not as cool as the one I want) where acrylics are sold for cheap, the brand is PentArt and they fare quite well, they're about 1$ for a 20ml tube. I just realized I can mix any color/shade of just five tubes (three basic colors and black/white for extra shades), I can get into painting soon enough.


  1. The Medieval figures, if anything like the Bod's, should be a blast to paint. Have fun!

  2. Sweet. All good stuff going on. Can't wait to see the fort

    1. Thank you, a small step every weekend so not sure when it will be finished - once it will I'll post of it immediately.