Sep 27, 2012

Dark rituals

A magic sign or sketch for obscure magic either our Inter Arma characters or characters in any fantasy game  could face. This one above is the prototype drawn freehand.

The one for scenics made of the usual combo of cardboard, varnish, sand, paint & static grass.

Here's a welcome to Danjou's Hand from Tabletop Diversions, thanks for following!

Basic geometry, first a circle: its radius points out a hexagon, a smaller circle to every second point then a triangle inside the bigger circle.

It could dwell a supernatural entity such as this one.

Or help me summon the Gods of Paint to aid my work. 

The stones I collected earlier are varnished and have a modest shine now.


  1. That's a nice piece Andrew, the paint gods are even more fickle than the dice gods!

  2. Nice and it has many possible uses in story lines. Could you use it to travel interdimensionally. I like the varnish on the rocks too.

    1. Thank you; if it is a portal then it must have another end and ready to travel.

  3. That is awesome. nice to see it from the concept to finish as well top stuff

  4. That works really well Andrew, a great job.