Aug 29, 2012

WIP - Fricklander Dragoner (Almost there!)

Almost at the end of the painting stack - something that hasn't occured in a year since I started this business. These 18 fellas are of the Fricklander expeditionary forces sent to aid the Jackewlinese cause. - Set is Italeri Scot Greys (reissued).

They have the standard Fricklander colors (grey breeches, blue jackets, black straps and belts, red ornaments).

Only the Leib and FNG wears white trousers, like these grenadiers below, which, together with the dragoons, still need a dip and basing (and some corrections).

The horses are already done and await their riders.

What the sad news is, I don't really have the money to keep up with my projects until early October - I'll try to post buildings and whatever I have. The reason behind this is I couldn't work enough in the summer - something to take more care of next year... Or spare a bit more during terms. I'll also post Cossacks and Minecraft fillers to keep the blog going. And I've taken up a challenge (moreso to myself than a real competition) to read 30 classics in this year... One is already done.