Aug 26, 2012

The battle of the Slassen Swamp

A solo game with homegrown rules as there was nothing to paint this weekend. Jackewline on the left, Dorrosean on the right side of the pic. The specialties of the table were the relatively narrow space (no cavalry manouevreing) and a marshland in the south, a relatively big area to block the Jackewlinese movement. Dorroseani had a somewhat defensive role, especially at their left and left centre, while their right flank was prepared for a massed assault on the Jackewlinese left.

1 cuirassier regiment (2 sqds)
1 light dragoon regiment 8(2 sqds)
1 light infantry regiment (1 Guard Chasseur and 2 chasseur btns)
1 Southern line infantry regiment (3 btns)
2 Guard Grenadier battalions
2 medium guns

1 yellow heavy dragoon regiment (2 sqds)
1 blue uhlan regiment (2 sqds)
1 blue light infantry regiment (3 btns)
1 yellow line infantry regiment (3 btns)
1 red Guard Grenadier battalion
2 medium guns

As the line of foot deploys, the Besberg Uhlans ride into the swamp and cross it.

Here goes a welcome to Thanos, hope you enjoy reading!

On the Jackewlinese left, an aggressive cavalry attack is started by the enemy's line dragoons and an attack column forms of the infantry behind them.

The blue cavalry reaches the end of the morass and charges the stone wall ahead.

The dragoons attempt to break through the yellow line battalion, but take casualties and become shaken.

The rest of the yellow troops engage with the Guard Chasseurs stationed on the wooded hill.

On the far right two battalions of the Besberg Foot Chasseurs face two Guard Grenadier battalions at a roadblock.

The uhlans jump the wall and rush the chasseurs behind it.

One dragoon squadron routs and capitulates on the Jackewlinese left flank.

Yellow heavy dragoons arrive and decimate the Dorroseani light cavalry.

The attack column reaches the line of a red Guard battalion and attacks it with full swing but they are stopped and the charge is uneffective.

One of the Guard Grenadier battalions counterattacks on the Dorroseani left at the roadblock, the blue light infantry retreats a few steps but holds ground.

One chasseur battalion in the centre forms square, and while taking volleys and cannonfire, the Besberg Uhlan regiment continues the melee.

The whole battle at midday. The attack column pushes some Jackewlinese back but receives volleys & gunfire on both sides.

The chasseurs soon give up (they fought bravely), and make place for the Dorroseani cuirassiers to send the uhlans home...

At the roadblock the grenadiers are thrown back but the enemy's charge makes no more harm... The fight is bloody and tiresome.

The Besberg Uhlans avoid the enemy charge and start chasing the routed units.

The line infantry's attack is broken but they prevail.

The cuirassiers cross the wall but the uhlans are behind them, the two facing Dorroseani and Jackewlinese battalions both form square...

The remaining half of the other squadron of uhlans not participating in the chase after the enemy cavalry charges a gun and kills an officer.

The Jackewlinese square holds still while the Dorroseani is attacked from three sides and begins to collapse.

The fight goes on at the roadblock, but wait, aren't those chasseurs too close on the other side of the river?

Yes, they are: with the extra supporting fire on the Guard Grenadiers' side they are driven back behind the barricade - the second time.

The battle is the most fierce in the centre now with the cuirassiers charging.

The attack columns rushed mindlessly into the opposing force and now as the hill is clear, both enemy guns are disabled, one captured, they perish and the situation is solved for the Jackewlinese left.

This is how the centre looks while the battle on the west side of the table is won by the armies of Jackewline. This is the final situation, as (see below) the roablock breaks under the re-formed blue lines and the rapid attack of the light cavalry squadron: with their back almost clear and the Besberg Uhlans giving way, the almost intact cuiarssiers and foot chasseurs begin their retreat.

The battle was fought for almost three hours: there weren't really decisive maneuvers and both armies did their best: the bloodiest fight took place on the flanks, the two Besberg chasseur battalions losing one third of their crew while attacking the entrenched grenadires, while basically all three battalions of the South Dorroseani foot had been lost to cavalry attacks, musket - and cannonfire.


  1. Not easy terrain to fight in by the look! It will be interesting to see how the rest of the action went...

    1. Thanks; far from being easy but both participating armies tried to cope with it.

  2. Lots of soldiers fielded for the battle! The noise must be almost unbearable! Do you enjoy solo gaming! I do. Appreciate your work in bringing this battle to the blog, Sir.

    1. Thank you; solo gaming has the advantage of less shouting and arguing about the rules, but of course it's good to play in a company too (if I find someone to play with).