Jul 8, 2012

A return and a ruleset

The weekend had passed without internet again (service is messing up things), but here I am. Obviously, without any internets I had to do something else so there's a bunch of things finished/started in the usual hectic way, these will be posted throughout the next week. I had passed the second exam and now I'm looking for a job for summer.

Last week I've wanted to play some Romans vs. Barbarians and tried a little set of rules found somewhere on the internet (between the downloads, don't ask) but this was sturdy and ended in a mass slaughter, beginning with a 22-men army on each side only one archer stayed alive at the end, so I've sort of 'upgraded' the thing, modified distances, transferred the measures to metric etc., here it is now:

It's open for viewing and criticism. Some parts aren't yet scripted (this is still an alpha version).

Welcome to Mad Padre, thanks for following and apologies I couldn't say it earlier!