Jul 2, 2012

Dramatic discovery

While on patrol these two fellas found something behind this old house. 

An Italeri IS-2, finished a half a year after I bought it.

The color may be wrong so this is more of a 'dramatic' outcome than realistic. I tried to put on a lot of rust and mud for a used and abused look, still not sure if I got the right proportions!

Tried to model scars of hits on the turret. 

Rear, it's real muddy.

Here with the 'fast assembly' version completed earlier. Still lacks dip and basing of course.

I'll have to practice more with bigger scale. 1/100 ones weren't a challenge but this put me on the test, especially when the parts were coming off and they didn't fit well so the time wasted on swearing, re-gluing and searching for 1mm parts was 80% of the worktime!


  1. I've got to say that weathering and mud effect look great.

  2. I like the mud-and-rust effect! it looks exactly like an old toy in metal (I have an old Matchbox military truck and it's exactly like that!)
    Very good work!

  3. Nice work! Mistaken it as Centurion II because of the muzzle brake that was widely used by british tanks.

    1. Thanks, and again, that picture was tricky to say the least!

  4. Nice work on the weathering and the damage on the tank!