Jun 5, 2012

The keep

Finished in all its might.

Some decent way to re-use kit boxes I'd say. 

I've had the roof from another scratch-build I hadn't used for the Viking game. Some decor paper on the windows, cardboard for the battlements on the top and a piece of A/5 paper where the four boxes' edges were too much visible.
You could see the first steps in this previous post. The next phase was to undercoat it black, then do the 'bricks' with white. Then came a layer of grey and then some drybrushing. Put sand on the base & painted it when the walls were already done. 

The blog just reached another thousand hits, thanks for everyone who's viewing!

There's a layer of decor paper on top and the whole building is finished with a coat of varnish.

Here to a scale with a 1/72 knight.

And on the top of the building.


  1. My word that is a splendid piece of work Sir! You obviously have considerably more storage space than I do.

    1. Thanks, I can't tell that but I certainly wish I had more!