Jun 6, 2012

How to improve my painting

Here are a couple of things I was thinking of while not studying. Comments are also more than welcome on the subject - I still count myself as a 'newbie', although I realized I'm not doing things completely wrong.
  • Switching to acrylics - not GW/Vallejo but some noname bought from an art shop, there's plenty of supplies and not out of reach considering the price. As I said earlier I'm keeping a few enamels as they apply to the plastic better (and for the sake of finishes/dips). Thinner can do a lot of damage to brushes as well - not even mentioning the fumes of the paint.
  • More time spent on each fig. Finishing the figs in a week usually means 5-8 working hours on a batch of 30-40 including preps, basecoat and finish (in any other cases I'm simply lazy and don't do things in time). The later ones, especially those I finished in singles are much higher quality - this means at least 2 hours per fig. I'll strip my Zvezda Russian grenadiers this weekend and see if a few more layers - especially highlights with a lighter shade - would do more justice.
  • More AFVs and planes - I'd lie if I said I have no interest in these and they mean some variety. Zvezda's Art of Tactic range is a good target.
  • Historicals - I sometimes feel ashamed that I only care about my Imagi-Nations. Any new subject equals versatility and I feel like I need to switch and try something more.
  • Another scale? 15mm seems inviting as well but honestly I'd rather try something bigger to see how I can deal with larger areas and textures.
I like the fact that some people are actually interested in my ramblings and hope I could keep their interest. I've just joined TMP - not submitting yet though - and will consider going to Benno's Figures Forum more frequently (might share the oncoming 17th century stuff) but I'm afraid it would take too much time.
Of time: well, this blog was my choice and is a good choice I think. The last months also proved that with less free time I'm still able to do something. I can keep on.

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