Apr 10, 2012

JCW Generals - Vorswer Sleinach

Fig - Zvezda GNW Russian Artillery Set (couldn't resist to paint it individually, he's going to be a part of the early JCW/Wars of Windscourt staff).

Lieutenant General Vorswer Sleinach achv Besberg (or the Bloody Sleinach, called by his enemies), of the lesser known family of Sleinachs in the blue clans of Jackewline. In his early years, he worked as a servant to his uncle of the Sleinach achv Sqlein branch of the family.
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born in 10530, Vorswer took high school in Besberg, attended the Military Academy of Jasksgart. He chose to serve as an artillery officer, much unusual between the blue clans as their warfare relied on agility and fast-moving troops on the battlefield (the cavalry and infantry units in the blue army were almost one to one). Began service in the colonies, being promoted to Captain in Jackewline-Teverattia and Major in the Cape, seeing battles at both places. He spent overall five years there, planning to raise a horse artillery unit and writing a book about artillery modernization between the times of repelling attacks of the local tribes, hanging rebels and the variety of these two. His men have known him for his aggression and ruthlessness, never a man of words but acts. He was also said to be incredibly strong: legend says that once when a horse threw him off its saddle, he killed it with a blow of fist aimed between the eyes, and after this incident he never mounted a horse again.
He returned to Jackewline after these years, and his plans of the new artillery unit were well received. He even set up a battalion of horse artillery and saw action in frontier conflicts against neighboring countries, before, in an attempt to get rid of the stupidity and ignorance of his superiors, he returned to the colonies again. He met Choveliss Liaseq, daughter of a civilian messenger on the voyage and was married to her by the ship's master. With the death of the former governor of Jackewline-Teverattia, he, as the second-in-rank took the toll and ruled for many years. Choveliss gave him two sons and a daughter, the eldest being married to a local nobleman's daughter at the age of 20.

After the birth of his grandchild, Valden, the family returned to Jackewline and spent eighteen years in peace and wealth (Vorswer had the chance to put his hands on some gold coins at the far side of the world). They travelled to the Yellow Isles for three years during this time, where his daughter was engaged and married to a yellow clansman of Anqalturi. This tour was necessary because Choveliss had respiratory problems, which never ceased since she caught the fever back in Teverattia. Finally, when her health seemed to be restored, they settled in Besberg, origin of the then sixty years old veteran. His wife suddenly died later that year.
When the events of the Second Escape began, he was promoted Lieutenant General of the Besberg Militia, and marched south, then east along with the united army of the clans led by Marshal Millisgerten. Took part in the terrible defeat from the Dorroseani under Jasksgart and was among the first to offer his services to the Dorroseani. The blue clans surrendered and let their former enemies march through their territory.
In the First War of Windscourt, he commanded a siege artillery battery south of Dirongarten, but the concentrated enemy gunfire chased him and his men off. Later, on the side of Ain achv Besbergeis (Brigadier General and commander of the clans' united army), he besieged and took Speslivi, house of the red clans. At the time when the blue armies, along with Klagimiran mercenaries, defeated the yellow clans and forced them to surrender, he's been home, sick with respiratory problems. Thus, he didn't take his part of Besbergeis' defeat by the green and red clans near Mt. Troken. He recovered and led the Militia at the siege of Fergh Mackowskill, again unsuccessful. Seeing many actions, he's been feared among the reds and greens for his cunning and the power to encourage the lowly trained and unexperienced militia units. One of his last actions was to capture Merten Disahn Dirongarten, cousin to the Lord of Windscourt on a sabotage action, and despite him being a noble, had him executed by the martial law.

After this incident, Besbergeis dismissed him from the ranks and he returned to Besberg. When the clans finally united against the Dorroseani, a mob attacked his home. He and his servants held the people off, but before the milita could arrive, they crushed the main gate of the estate. There is a legend again that Sleinach, then sixty-four, killed at least five of the attackers with his sabre.
Other members of his closest family have been around the country, so they survived the rebellion, which had been crushed by the Besberg chasseurs. His grandson, Valden, joined the army after this event as a NCO. He was a straightforward and simply man: he never lied, neither for his enemies, and usually marched on foot along with his soldiers (in his late years, he preferred a cart).


  1. A very nice figure!
    (link found in Bodstonia !)
    Honesty, I didn't read all the bio, it's too long and difficult for me! (I'm a frenchie!)

    1. Thanks; a long life full of events means a long biography.

  2. Interesting history..i like the way you´ve used a "future" date. How did you do the maps?

    1. Thank you; different world, different time. These maps are made in MS Paint but I start the newer ones in Paint and finish them in PS. No dark magic here :)