Apr 7, 2012

Finished units - Red clans' Fesselsorwillon heavy cavalry

This style of painting makes them look terrific I have to admit. Will fix new pennants on the lances.

Forming a wedge here (looking epic).

Some macro shots (the lighting is poor, the horses look better in reality).

Old and new.

Macro of the armor. First basecoated black, then block painted with silver/metal. Drybrushed with some gold, and when everything else has been finished on the fig, I applied a mixture of thinner/matte black/varnish (the black paint and varnish are 1:4 and then thinned till it's fluid).

Command with standard and musician. The commander lost his left leg in a tragic jelly bean accident so I replaced it with plasticine.

Old and new, it's not difficult to see the difference (improvement, dare I say?).


  1. 'Tragic Jelly Bean Accident?!' These are looking good, your painting's definitley improved

    1. Thanks! Nor the commander (neither I) wishes to talk about the accident (painful memories, y'know).