Apr 16, 2012

Finished units - South Dorroseani line infantry

As the Italeri figs (chasseurs) are being painted, the stripped Zvezda Voltigeurs don't need to be light troops. Well, I thought white crossbelts wouldn't really fit this time, that's why they're painted yellow. Also, the standard regiment of foot (which is at the moment the Italeri Russian infantry) has no shoulder decorations, but then there was this idea: how if some of the line regiments from another part of the country are dressed differently? With this solution, they've become Southerners and voilá.

Lost one fig in the process so one battalion includes the flag bearer.

Some macro shots.

Command with musicians. When forming attack column, there is place for the flag bearer next to them.


I didn't use static grass this time on the bases, drybrushed with a lighter brown instead to look muddy. These battalions seen action at Saturday while testing the new version of my rules.


  1. Nice painted figures Andrew!

    Will the bases stay that way?


    1. I guess so, a bit over-simplified but I still need to learn how to apply the static grass better. Until then, they'll remain like this.