Feb 8, 2012

Vikings, moar vikings

OK, dear readers, here's my first try at a lilbit more complex basing. It's very fine sawdust on a very old plasticine, hope it would hold ;)
But back on the topic: the viking hordes are now ready to set sail.

Following up the Read more link: longships, buildings and poor Norman and Welsh/Irish conversions. Before that, have more Vikings..

Here are the three longships used for the upcoming raids. Guess which one is the boss's.

The Ingithora

King Ragnar's Curse

Sea Serpent

Scratch-built burrows and monastery. Paper and wood plus matchsticks. There's one more burrow and a storage building too.

Converted Romans, made to be Norman riders (changed only the shield). Note: these are only to test the rules I've written and as soon as I got the opportunity, will replace them with finer and more accurate products.

WW2 germans + shields + lances = Norman infantry. All I need to say is lololololol.

Welsh/Irish from spare Brits. Same process, gave'em shields and spears and voilá.

During the last week I've only been working on this apart from some business stuff and preparing for studies (aka doing nothing all the time). Also, there's like 20cm of snow here so I can't even go out. Excuses, excuses. Tomorrow I'll test the game.

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