Feb 5, 2012

Prepare for raiding

Started painting the last batch of Norsemen, here's a quick sketch I put together (darn, these times I just wish I had a tablet and I could move on coloring it... Oh wait, I've got paints... let's see where it goes) for celebrating it. 

Other news: I had also been working on a card-based ruleset of Viking raiding, including sacking of monasteries, burning villages and similar things.
Well what about the opponents? There are a lot of very fine stuff around including medieval civilians, Saxons, Normans etc. So many choices! Now I only have some conversions (which are actually totally out of context figs, WWII Brits and Germans with shields and spears, also some Romans as Norman cavalry), but it will come once when I'll have a full Dark Ages army.

Working on some buildings now (burrows, a monastery, stable/granary), tomorrow I'll make some scratch-built longships (tried my hands at one already, one with a complete hull and the plan was to make it swim, no success - at least I get the basics).

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