Dec 19, 2011

Painting diary XII.

Not much work on the painting front lately, so this is more a see-through than the usual 'painting diary' thing. Took a look on my shelves, and gosh! I've been productive during the autumn. I can also spot the improvement which comes with the practice I guess. Here, the uhlans' horses with a black undercoat.

The figures themselves are even more awesome than the Old Guard ones. 

Back on the topic, there's nothing much left for me to paint till Christmas: a dozen of the old guard set, thinking of giving them away as gifts; the Jackewlinese marines (originally Zvezda strelets); some Vikings (either as Vikings or the Fists of Mackowskill) and that's pretty all of it. Fortunately, I've got many more posts going on as the winter campaign continues, and there are more finished units as the more careful reader could spot it out on the separate page with all those stuff. 

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